Hurricanes, earthquakes and floods have wiped out thousands of homes.  The construction industry now has rating systems for building materials and construction methods that enable a building to  survive X amount of structural stress before breaking.  Most stepfamilies, however, are built on a foundation of assumptions that are not designed to withstand the stresses inherent in a stepfamily climate.  Consequently second and subsequent marriages fail at significantly higher rates than first marriages. What stepfamilies need are a list of winning strategies.

Troubles Began Small, But Escalated

Like most couples forming a second family, my late husband Jim and I naively stumbled into a stepfamily hurricane without warning or preparation.  It didn’t take long for the first cracks in our foundation to show.  Since we didn’t know the source of the problem, we kept trying to repair the damage with inferior tools and materials.  Inevitably, the house (marriage and family) began to fall apart.

The Need for Winning Strategies Becomes Urgent

After almost seven years of intense misery, we began to slowly assemble communication and conflict management skills that definitely helped to shore up our shaky marriage.  It was another six months, however, before we replaced the rest of our family’s foundation with a stepfamily strategy that is now backed by years of research.  Had we known the winning strategies for stepfamilies from the beginning, we may have been able to avoid subjecting our marriage and our children to years of pain.

Learning Winning Strategies Healed Our Marriage

The foundation of our rebuilding began from the ground up with more functional communication and conflict management skills.  We would not have been capable of implementing the balance of the stepfamily strategies without those skills. Now I offer an online streaming course that combines great communication skills with winning strategies for stepfamilies. You can even download a Sneak Peek of the course here: Winning Strategies

You have my love and support,