Interviews of Happy Marriages Reveal Some Similarities

Lately I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some happily married couples. Authority Magazine is publishing these articles! (A readership of 30 million/month!) I’m noticing a trend. Each couple has set in stone a few key habits. They are non-negotiables for a happy marriage! You never need to re-negotiate a decision once it’s set in stone! It supports your relationship forever! Here are some examples…

These Couples Run a Business Together

Rebecca and Chris van Bergen run NEST, an organization that makes craft work a viable, profit-maker to artisans in 124 countries. It’s a huge business that, along with their children and some volunteer work keep this couple very busy. “But we never allow ourselves to over work. We feel equally committed to quiet weekends and personal travel for rest and rejuvenation. (We) believe fiercely in balance.”

Rachel Marie Martin and Dan Morris “…want each other to win. We’ve never had a moment of jealousy that one project is getting bigger than the other.” They each contribute their respective strengths to their partnership. They have a few activities that they enjoy together, including the raising of 11 children. “We give each other some freedom to do things here and there that we just want to do.”

Abbigail and Jesse Willingham together run Jesse’s Developmental Optometry Business in Charleson, SC. They totally believe in each other! Jesse’s worked in a few optometry offices. He never saw anyone run an office as efficiently and with as much patient empathy as Abigail. He says, “She’s capable of running a Fortune 500 company.” He’s grateful that she agreed to partner with him. Abigail said about Jesse, “There’s no better optometrist than Jesse. I’ve seen him find solutions to vision problems that no one else found.” A non-negotiable rule for them is that they give each other total authority in their respective lanes. For instance, because a front office person would work primarily with her, she had the final say about who was hired for that position.

This Couple Influences Millions With Their Inspiring Story

Tommy and Diane McCollister passionately lead an outreach company that is found at They each fulfill very complimentary roles. Tommy is the most visible face of the company with Diane doing most of the behind the scenes support. Their non-negotiable is a miniumum of 20 minutes of uninterrupted quality time with each other every day…usually on a walk. That may not sound like very much time, but statistically, any couple that spends about two hours of quality time together per week is invariably happy!

This Man’s Business is Secondary to His Family

Yitzi Weiner is the founder and editor of Authority Magazine with a monthly readership of 30 Million! This magazine prodigiously produces positive news. In my interview with him, (about his family relationships,) he stated a few habits that are non-negotiable. He leaves all electronics off from Friday evening to Saturday evening. His main reason for business abstinence during those hours is to be fully available to his wife and seven children. Making dinner with his family every evening is a high priority. He and his wife walk together in the evening to catch up with each other without interruptions. These are non-negotiable habits.

Secret to a Happy Wife

I love Yitzi’s acronym for the priorities that guide his interactions with his wife. The Three A’s. Attention. When she speaks to him he puts everything else aside to give her his full attention. Appreciation. He makes it a habit to verbally acknowledge and appreciate even the smallest, most ordinary things that she does for him or the family. Affection. His wife hears “I love you” frequently and gets flowers every Friday evening because Yitzi knows how much she loves flowers.

This Couple Revived Their Love With Respect 24/7

Jim and Nancy Landrum tell the story of the reigniting of their loving marriage by their non-negotiable commitment to treating each other with respect 24/7. As a marriage coach for almost thirty years, I (Nancy) appreciate how rare and how essential respect is to forming and maintaining a happy, loving, lasting marriage. I call respect the fertilizer of loving feelings.

In the beginning, we didn’t know how to use respectful language when we disagreed. Our goal was to convince each other, “I’m right and you’re wrong.” As soon as our goal became to treat each other with respect 24/7, we never had another fight.

You can learn the skills we learned by reading How to Stay Married & Love It! or enrolling in Millionaire Marriage Club. If you need extra support to implement those skills like we did, I’m here for you!

Non-Negotiables That Support a HapptMarriage

These couples represent a wide variety of professions, family circumstances and financial means. What they all have in common are a few key habits that do not have to be re-negotiated every day or every week. The decision was made once, and then adhered to until these choices became the habits that support their happy, loving marriages.

What habits are you and your partner practicing? And are those habits giving you the quality of relationship that you both want? Give it some thought. New behaviors can be learned and practiced. New habits can be formed that will give you the results you desire.

You have my love and support,