Relationship Healing For Individuals, Couples And Families So You Can Be At Peace With Yourself And Those You Love

Work with Nancy Landrum

The coaching relationship is an intimate integration between my wisdom and your willingness to follow through on the skills you’re learning. Together, we can achieve the emotional freedom and growth you desire.

Millionaire Marriage Club

Learn the skills needed to exchange what isn’t working for behaviors and concepts that will transform your relationship with your partner, your children, and your stepfamily so yours may feel like a million dollars.

Coaching Certification

First, experience the personal and relationship shifts yourself. Then, use my resources and format to guide others to find the same freedom, happiness and satisfaction with themselves and with others.

I help individuals, couples and families achieve the levels of love and respect that enables them to thrive.

Learn and practice skills that cultivate safety, intimacy, appreciation and a deeper level of commitment to your relationships — whether that’s with yourself, your partner, and your family or step-family.

Nancy Landrum, MA in Spiritual Psychology; Author; Relationship Coach and Creator of Millionaire Marriage Club

All of my work is birthed out of my personal experience, so I’ll never ask you to do something I haven’t done. But it isn’t just my personal knowledge alone. Everything I share, from the books I’ve written to courses I’ve created, have been motivated by my personal experience and anchored in a foundation of research that validates the principles.

Who is Relationship Coaching For?


Individuals wanting to reflect and heal from their past experiences and childhood trauma or


Couples and step-couples struggling with damaged relationships who are yearning for something more sustainable, committed and fulfilling


Families who want to create a healthy, stable environment for their children rooted in respect and love with a special understanding if stepfamily dynamics

What Clients Are Saying

“The skills we have learned with the Millionaire Marriage Club have already made a difference in our relationship. It has improved our communication skills with each other significantly in just four months.”


What is the cost?

There is a wide range of financial options for both personal and relationship work. Schedule a complimentary call to discuss what options are best suited for you.

How does coaching work?

We’ll place an emphasis on pairing your personal commitment to change with my knowledge and guidance so you can make a measurable improvement in your life in this co-creative relationship.

Will you take my side or theirs?

I promise that I will never choose sides. I’ll see your relationships from both points of view and lead you through supportive solutions and practical skills. No one is the “bad guy.”

Learn More About Your Communication Style And What You Need To Repair Most In Your Relationship By Answering Three Simple Questions

Discover how you can have the satisfying relationship you’ve always wanted. Plus, unlock free 10-day access to the first module of my signature relationship course, Millionaire Marriage Club, and extra tips from me so you can start rebuilding the marriage you hoped for when you said, “I do”!

Experience Healing And Hope

Through 1:1 Relationship Coaching, learn valuable skills about your beliefs, behaviors, and communication. Then, experience support while you practice these skills daily so you can have a revitalized relationship — with yourself and others.

Get Started Healing Your Relationship Today

“My partner and I began the Millionaire Marriage Club and within the first week saw significant results. He and I put in the work to learn to communicate better and that changed our relationship for the better almost instantly.”

Reclaim Your Relationships, Restore Great Communication And Repair Your Family

Whether you feel pain and insecurity with your partner or in step-family dynamics, Millionaire Marriage Club offers the best in communication and conflict management so you can heal and strengthen your relationships.

Millionaire Marriage Club teaches you to speak without fighting; Millionaire Marriage Club Stepping TwoGether Edition includes additional resources and strategies specifically designed for challenges within a step-family.

Create The Marriage You Desire

“Not only did Nancy and the Millionaire Marriage Club help my partner and I stay together and love each other more than ever, but Nancy and the program also helped me to work on myself. The communication skills I had learned were also very useful with my stepchildren. . My stepchildren (ages 10 and 12) and I use these skills almost every day to help us when we are upset with each other and it has made a huge difference. I even purchased a few copies of her book How to Stay Married and Love it! for my parents who had been married for 36 years because what I learned is truly valuable and can help even those who think their relationship needs no help. Nancy helped us heal and I can not thank her enough for that. She is what I would compare to a miracle worker because I did not think any of this could be fixed, but with efforts from myself, my partner, and my family we were able to work on it and be happy again! ”

Guide Others To The Same Love And Joy You’ve Found Yourself

I’m on a mission to create more loving marriages and families. Will you join me? Use my resources and format to guide others to find the same freedom, happiness and satisfaction within their marriages and families.

You’ve got two dragons to slay. The first dragon is ignorance. I can help you slay that dragon; I have that information.

The second dragon is resistance. Resistance to trying new things, new skills, becoming emotionally intimate with your partner because it leaves you feeling vulnerable.

I can’t help you with that one. You’re the one who has to overcome your opposition to learning and practicing new skills.

But if you’re willing to educate yourself and you’re willing to face down the dragon of resistance within yourself, I can guarantee that you’re going to heal individually from past trauma and build a healthy, happy, lasting marriage and family relationships

Thank you for being courageous enough to name what is most painful to you and do the meaningful work to face these two dragons!