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Episode #10: Speak to be Heard

All fights take place at the “thoughts” level. Thoughts include opinions, perceptions, interpretations and beliefs. Most fights are about my opinion vs your opinion and the battle to be “right.”


Episode #1: Getting Aquainted with Nancy

Learn about the childhood dream that set the course of Nancy Landrum’s life, leading eventually to the Relationship Rehab Show.

Episode #2: Why Does Nancy Believe She Can Help My Relationship?

In episode #1 Nancy shared about her early years and the dream that set the course of her life. In this show she tells about the enormous upheavals that brought about the fulfillment of her childhood dream.

Episode #3: Free Gifts of Appreciation and Recognition

Appreciation and Recognition are gifts that cost you nothing and yet may add so much richness and connection to your relationships. Here’s some tips!

Episode #4: The Free Gift of Encouragement

Encouragement, or the lack of it, may profoundly affect your loved ones’ lives. Learn how to give the most effective encouragement.

Episode #5: The Mysterious Alchemy of Gratitude

Gratitude is almost magical! Learn how gratitude can change or even transform even the most difficult circumstances in your life.

Episode #6: Earle and Krystel Doudera’s Story

We were high school sweethearts. We were madly in love and optimistically sure we could handle anything. We thought we did
everything right.

Episode #7: Are You Really Listening?

When Jim and I were in the worst of our marriage, neither one of us was even trying to listen to the other. Each was so convinced of the rightness of our respective positions that all we wanted to do was argue the other into agreement! Can you relate to that?

Episode #8: Creating Emotional Connection by Listening to Understand

When Jim was talking, I didn’t want to understand his point of view. I just wanted him to agree with mine! So I wasn’t listening, I was planning my rebuttal or deciding if I agreed with him…or not.

Episode #9: Communication that Doesn’t Work

I’ve heard hundreds of couples say to me, “We just can’t communicate!” I’ve heard parents say about their child, “He won’t listen to me!” I’ve heard adult children say about his or her parent, “She just doesn’t understand!” or, “He’s so unreasonable!”

Episode #10: Speak to be Heard

All fights take place at the “thoughts” level. Thoughts include opinions, perceptions, interpretations and beliefs. Most fights are about my opinion vs your opinion and the battle to be “right.”

Episode #11: What is Your Relationship Legacy?

In my Masters Degree program, we each had to draw our family tree as far back as we had information. Then we named any dominant characteristics that we knew of for each person. It was interesting to see that farming and medical professions ran in my family tree. My generation’s past were hard working folks that were responsible for feeding and caring for their own families as well as others.

Episode #12: RESPECT: How to Eliminate Misunderstandings

We each have a unique view of the world formulated from all of our past experiences, both happy and unhappy. Everyone’s view of any given event or topic is right, based on their own experiences. This was the first lesson Jim and I were taught when we were seeking help to resolve our fighting.

Episode #13: Healthy, Respectful Conflict Management

Anger is useful. Anger lets us know when it’s me to make a change in how we do things…when it’s me to take ac on either on our own behalf or on behalf of another. But taking ac on when you’re filled with anger may create choices that you later regret.

Episode #14: Rules to a Good Time

Some couples stop fighting because they’re worn out and neither can think of anything else to say. They retire to their respective corners of the house and just hibernate, hoping the hurt feelings will pass quickly. Usually, it takes days…


Many dialogues have two speakers and no listeners. In a Skilled Dialogue , two persons take respectful turns. Only one person speaks at a me, eliminating Disrespectful Communication Tools and sticking to respectful, “I…” messages rather than the accusatory “you.” When that person is speaking, the other Listens for the purpose of Understanding.

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