Millionaire Marriage Club Stepfamily Edition Limited Time Offer! $29 per month

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Millionaire Marriage Club Limited Time Offer! $29 per month

Click HERE for a FREE Trial!

What Clients Are Saying

“Nancy’s tools work.They help us all feel heard, feel loved, and understood. She made a huge difference in our lives!”

“What Nancy teaches is the “HOW” in a marriage. How to talk to one another, how to focus on the present to build a better future, and how to heal our own hearts as individuals so we truly have a deeper connection to ourselves and our partners. Her tools have helped us be better parents for our children, more loving and patient with family members, and more thoughtful leaders in our business.”

“Nancy has wonderful insight when it comes to turning a wounded relationship into a healed one. She gave us all the tools, guidance and direction we needed to take our almost completely broken marriage and step family and restructure it into the loving relationship and family we dreamed of.”

“Nancy makes me feel like she is speaking directly to my life. She is relatable and it feels so doable when I read it. It’s hard to put down. It’s one thing to know the tools. It’s another thing to use them. What Nancy does that is even beyond that!”

“Nancy Landrum offers tools that contribute to healthier relationships. Her personal and professional experiences are the cornerstones for her role as an authentic author, coach, and relationship resource.”