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Nancy Landrum, MA, Author, Relationship Coach, Creator of The Millionaire Marriage Club at has been featured on The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Psych Central, Thrive, Authority, Medium, Emotional Intelligence, UpJourney, Bustle, Woman’s Day magazine (March 2022), Your Tango and Host of the “Relationship Rehab Show” (April 2022) for Bold Brave TV.

For 25+ years, Nancy has specialized in transformative relationship skills for couples including strategies for stepfamilies to succeed. Nancy brings her MA in psychology, personal experience and research proven strategies to help couples and stepfamilies communicate and resolve conflicts. Nancy’s coaching for relationship happiness can be found in her streaming course, “The Millionaire Marriage Club” and 8 books, including “How to Stay Married & Love It!” and “Stepping TwoGether: Building a Strong Stepfamily”. Nancy’s private coaching reaches couples across the US, Australia and beyond through Zoom.

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