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Episode #32: The Truth About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a topic that many avoid like the plague! Are you one of them? It could be you have false beliefs about what forgiveness means. Let me share the truths I’ve learned about forgiveness…


Episode #23: Be Empowered with Healthy Boundaries

Resentment is poison! It poisons our emotional well-being. It damages our health. Resentment prevents a healthy relationship from being experienced. Resentment is the #1 symptom of codependency. Other symptoms are feeling used, taken advantage of, uncared for, victimized, helpless, and angry.

Episode #22: Be Anxiety Free for Better Relationships

In this episode, Nancy explains how anxiety adversely affects relationships with self and others and how to eliminate anxiety. Nancy's actionable skills are life changing and don't require learning to meditate.

Episode #21: Cultural and Personal Causes of the High Divorce Rate

Although I believe God intended marriage to be a blessing for both the man and the woman, marriage was often used to cement alliances, preserve wealth, and produce heirs. Most cultures were patriarchal. Women were used as bartering pieces with little regard for their feelings. It was a rare union that was created from love, although there have been famous love stories that stand out through the ages.

Episode #20: How To Talk Without Fighting

We will always have conflict, but we don't have to fight. Nancy delivers communication skills to resolve conflicts respectfully, heal the relationship and build a happy lasting marriage.

Episode #19: Change Beliefs to Change Your Life

Nancy shares how to change beliefs on a conscious level. Her guest Mollie Billings shares about her profession that helps release the hold of old beliefs on the unconscious level.

Episode #18: Beliefs Dictate the Destination

Our beliefs, whether conscious or buried in the unconscious, to a large degree determine our current circumstances. So how can you evaluate and replace beliefs that aren’t working for you?

Episode #17: Parenting in a Stepfamily

Kip and Wendy Sykes share their journey with seven teenagers in their stepfamily and how they implemented successful parenting techniques that worked.

Episode #16: Stepfamilies Are Different!

The unique dynamics in a stepfamily require different strategies for success than those that work for a nuclear or first family.

Episode #15: Unique Journeys of Personal Growth

God or the Universe custom designs our circumstances whose purpose is to give us opportunities for personal growth.

Episode #14: Rules to a Good Time

Some couples stop fighting because they’re worn out and neither can think of anything else to say. They retire to their respective corners of the house and just hibernate, hoping the hurt feelings will pass quickly. Usually, it takes days…

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