Episode #52: All You Need for a Happy Lasting Marriage and Family

Nancy Reviews a rich list of valuable resources for personal and relationship health to build happy lasting marriages and families.



“Nancy is phenomenal at bringing people closer. She was able to get to the root of our issues very quickly, and helped us to heal them using not only her decades of knowledge and experience working with couples but also via her Millionaire Marriage program. This program is incredible! Before Nancy we had tried everything we thought ‘should’ help but the distance continued to grow. Through this program, and talking with Nancy each week, we were able to address the root of this issue, and ended up becoming more emotionally, and physically close than we ever had before, even better than the ‘honeymoon phase’!”

“What Nancy teaches is the “HOW” in a marriage. How to talk to one another, how to focus on the present to build a better future, and how to heal our own hearts as individuals so we truly have a deeper connection to ourselves and our partners. The tools that we were given have helped us be better parents for our children, more loving and patient with family members, and more thoughtful leaders in our business. We didn’t have to settle for a “good” or “typical” marriage. We get to have a GREAT marriage that gets better knowing what we know now, to make it great! We truly cannot thank Nancy enough!”

“I saw a major change in my beliefs and made so much personal growth during my time with Nancy that it not only helped my relationship with my partner and family but also my relationship with myself. I am currently learning to build my self-esteem and to love myself and I honestly never thought I would get this far. With Nancy’s guidance through the inner child work, I can say I am coming out of this stronger and mentally healthier than ever before. If I hadn’t had gone to Nancy I would have been stuck in the same rut my whole life. I am so grateful for her and her work.”

Episode #42: Stepfamily Parenting

Nancy’s guest is still successfully married to the partner with whom they formed a stepfamily. Learn about her experiences, lessons for all on today’s show.

Episode #41: The Rules of a Good Time Out

Many of us try to stop the progress of a fight by going silent or walking away. It may be a better option than escalating the fight, but what are the consequences of that tactic? Is there a better way?

Episode #40: Multiple Ways to Ruin a Relationship

Nancy is your guide to creating healthy relationships. Today the curtain is drawn to take a brutal look at all the ways people ruin their relationships!

Episode #39: How to Parent an Adult Child

Parenting doesn’t end when your child becomes an adult, but it does need to change! Here are some examples from parents who had to make changes in their parenting style with an adult child.

Episode #38: Creating Effective Communication With Your Child

Hear how these moms learned how to help their child become comfortable expressing emotions in appropriate ways. Find how you too can build connection with your child using these simple but powerful communication exercises.

Episode #37: Remove Blocks to Personal Growth

What are some common blocks to personal growth? How can I remove blame, self-judgment, unforgiveness, fear… to build healthier happier relationships with myself and others?

Episode #36: Why Does Codependency Ruin Relationships?

What is codependency and what is it not? Learn the consequences of codependence for you and your relationships and what to do about it.

Episode #35: Stepfamily Strategies for Success

Stepfamilies (or Blended Families if you prefer) have completely different dynamics than a first family and require different strategies. Nancy shares some of the key concepts that, when adopted, help reduce stress and promote peace in your stepfamily.

Episode #34: Marriage and Parenting: Schools for Personal Growth

How does your marriage contribute to your ultimate purpose for coming to this planet? The freedom that comes from living with a higher perspective in mind.

Episode #33: Nurture your marriage, Nurture your life

You Chose the Perfect Partner! Learn why the partner you chose is the perfect choice to propel you into the best self you can be. Why does the “honeymoon season” end? So that we can get down to the self-improvement needed for awesome personal growth!

Learn More About Your Communication Style And What You Need To Repair Most In Your Relationship By Answering Three Simple Questions

Discover how you can have the satisfying relationship you’ve always wanted. Plus, unlock free 10-day access to the first module of my signature relationship course, Millionaire Marriage Club, and extra tips from me so you can start rebuilding the marriage you hoped for when you said, “I do”!