What Can Gravity Teach us About Relationships?

Gravity is Predictable!  So are Relationship Laws!

There are natural laws, such as gravity, which we ignore to our peril.  Even if it’s an accident…unintentional…falling from a height such as Half Dome in Yosemite results in death.

When Jim and I were in so much pain due to the conflict in our marriage, I kept thinking, “Natural laws are so predictable.  There must be laws governing relationships. If I knew them, I would obey them because I want the result of a happy, loving marriage.  What we’re doing now must be the result of violating natural relationship laws because we are so unhappy.”  I begged God to teach me the laws that, when obeyed, create the marriage we both wanted…and deserved to have.


I heard yesterday that the Greek root word for “sarcasm” means “the tearing of flesh.”  Wow! Violent!  No wonder that my sarcastic put-downs of Jim created upsets and escalated fights.  One law learned!

His accusations and judgments of me had the same effect.  I’m starting to see a pattern here!  Eventually we agreed that all forms of disrespectful language, facial expressions and tones of voice created the same painful results between us…not as severe as falling off of Half Dome, but definitely as painful as falling down a few stairs.


We learned how to talk with each other with complete respect…meaning words, tones of voice and facial expressions.  Even when we still disagreed, respectful communication kept the conversation from creating gaping wounds in each other.  Respectful communication made it easier (possible!) to agree on solutions that met both of our needs.


After twenty-eight years of coaching couples, I’ve concluded that RESPECT is the Secret Law of Relationships that prevents unnecessary wounding or even the death of love between two persons.  Less respect = less love.  More respect = more loving connection.

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