Are you ready for an Elite Marriage Transformation Year?

Couple talking respectfully

What would marriage transformation look like? Could you talk about anything without fighting?

Or, just talk without the long, brutal silences?

Do you want your marriage to be as you dreamed it would be when you fell in love?

Are you tired of being unhappy? And tired of knowing your unhappiness is negatively affecting your child

Any permanent transformation takes time and support.

That’s why the coaching business has sky-rocketed in the past few decades. Wanting to change is easy. Most of us want some aspect of our lives to be better, healthier, more fulfilling. But permanent, consistent change happens easier when there is support from someone who has already experienced the transformation you want. That’s why gyms are so popular. Seeing a trainer at a regular time at the gym keeps you on track with your goals.

I’m taking applications for an Elite Marriage Transformation Year.

I have a limited number of openings for couples who want this level of training and support in order to get the results they desire in their marriage. Marriage is skill-based…like football, for instance. You can’t be a successful football player without training…coaching…and lots of practice. Marriage is the same. If you were reared in a home where great marriage skills were not modeled for you, then how could you be expected to know how? Great, happy marriages are created and sustained by the practice of certain skills. These skills are easy, but without knowing what they are, you may be floundering in your marriage. You are asking yourselves, “Why are we hurting each other? Why isn’t it enough to love each other? Can the love we once felt be revived?

Your love can be revived and increased! How do I know?

This photo was taken shortly after Jim and I married. Yes, we were in love, but the seeds of discord were already planted. Before long we had a pattern of almost daily fights. We, like you, longed to go back to the “in love” days. A few respectful skills practiced consistently transformed our relationship! It took about six months of intense, committed practice before these skills became habitual…our new normal. For the next seventeen years before Jim died we never had another fight or even a harsh word between us. Any issues that came up were settled within a few minutes using the skills we’d made ours by years of repetition. We were enjoying the results of a marriage transformation!

It isn’t hard, but it takes time, commitment and support.

That’s why I’m offering an Elite Marriage Transformation Year that will deliver emotional connection and restore love. I’ve been teaching these powerful skills for 28 years with amazing results. But, truthfully, many couples who see instant improvement soon revert back to their old habits. It breaks my heart! I want to have enough time with you to teach you the skills and then support you as happiness becomes your new normal.

Can you imagine a constant flow of loving back and forth between you and your partner?

It’s magical! We experienced that every day of every year after we learned and consistently practiced some simple, but powerful skills. I want that experience for you! If you and your spouse are ready for that level of transformation, please email my personal address to book a complimentary appointment . I’ll send you an application.

You have my love and support,

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