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Nancy; From Childhood to Relationship Coach

Respect is the Fertilizer for Love

Why is Your Love is Dying? A radio interview explains

Show Promo: I am excited to have three interviews booked by Dr. Pat on Transformation Radio covering the three topics that are closest to my heart.  I will be sharing practical solutions learned in my own journey through three of the darkest times we humans can...

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Our Children Destroyed Our Marriage!

Sounds like the lead for an afternoon talk show, doesn’t it?  Well, it could be.  Every day, all over America, immature two-year-olds are doing and saying things that break up marriages. What do I mean? Every one of us has a two-year-old living inside.  The great...

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Hopefulness Turned to Disillusionment? Krystel Can Help!

Note from Nancy:  I am so excited to introduce to you Krystel Doudera, my new associate coach!  Krystel and her husband Earle  did a massive amount of work on their own marriage with amazing results.  Now she is dedicated to bring those same transformative results to...

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Fertilizer and Respect: What Do They Have in Common?

If you’ve been following me for very long, you know I love to garden.  I have a few house plants that have thrived for more than 20 years.  My rose bushes are flourishing.  My sunflower plants are about twelve feet tall.  My yard has been called “an oasis,”  or, “a...

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Stepfamilies Require Different Strategies for Success

This blog is specifically for MFTs and Coaches who work with couples who head a stepfamily.  Earn 9 CEs  from CAMFT for  attending Success Strategies for Stepfamilies Seminar! This ONLINE course will be offered once per month for the next year beginning May 1-3,...

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Help! I’m going crazy!

Help! I’m going crazy! Face it! We’re all going through a crazy-making time.  So how do you move through this time (however long it may turn out to be) without going crazy?  Here’s some tips: Limit your news gathering time to 15-30 minutes tops. A steady diet of...

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