You’re in Pain

You’re sick and tired of being misunderstood. With frustration you shout, “We just can’t communicate! Why don’t you understand me? I give up!” You can’t go on living with this level of unhappiness. Whatever happened to the love you used to share? You need premium marriage help.

The Big Decision

The big decision is to reach out for help. THAT decision takes humility and courage! Now the search begins. Where do we find someone who can help us? When you search Google, who has the best testimonials? Then, will that person have time in their schedule to see us? Will he/she even return my phone call?

Value vs. Cost of Premium Marriage Help

Millionaire Marriage Club offers premium marriage help at an affordable price.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to find really good marriage help. After finally admitting to ourselves that we couldn’t heal the wounds in our marriage, my late husband Jim and I tried three different therapists, went to workshops, read several books…all without significant help. You’re ready to pay anything if only it will bring you back from the brink of giving up!

Economic Realities for Getting Superior Marriage Help

And yet you also have to face the realities of bills that need to be paid…limits to how far you can stretch your dollars. Perhaps you’ve even tried therapy. It helped for a bit, but the improvements didn’t last. What if you had at your fingertips an online streaming program that taught you why your arguments escalate, what causes your communication to be met with defensiveness, the reasons why you have hurtful misunderstandings. And, you can access these lessons whenever you need a reminder…a review! (Can you believe Premium Marriage Help for $29 per month? Keep reading!)

Both the original Millionaire Marriage Club course and the Stepping TwoGether Edition for stepfamilies are available for $997 on my website, but for a limited time I’m offering both for a recurring monthly fee of $29!

How Will Our Marriage Benefit?

The skills and strategies taught by both courses, when learned and practiced regularly, will enable you to peacefully resolve your issues and restore your love. Once these skills become habitual, you have the means for building and enjoying a happy, lasting marriage for life!

Each enrollment begins with a 7 day FREE TRIAL which gives you time to make sure this amazing course is what I promise it is. After 7 days it rolls over to the $29/month membership. You are, of course, free to cancel this membership at any time. But why would you? The solutions to your marriage issues will be as close as your phone or laptop when you have Millionaire Marriage Club available at your fingertips! You really can get premium marriage help for $29 per month.

Click below to join the monthly membership:

Millionaire Marriage Club Monthly Membership
Millionaire Marriage Club Stepping TwoGether Edition For Stepfamilies Monthly Membership

What if We Need More Support?

Coaching with me is available for a separate fee. If you have questions before joining The Club, you can either email me or set up a complimentary appointment.

I am eager to hear how these simple skills give you a loving, lasting marriage as they did for us and thousands of others! You have my love and support,