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Nancy; From Childhood to Relationship Coach

Respect is the Fertilizer for Love

How Can I Help Your Relationship With Yourself and Others?

I’m worried about being a “failure.”

We learn new skills by having them modeled for us or taking a class to learn. If you’ve had neither, how could you expect to know what to do? This is a courageous new step in seeking help, not in “failing” something you’ve never learned.

Do I have to do this with my partner?

We can work individually, though most of the time, I’ve found that it isn’t just one person creating the problem. When both people work together, there’s shared understanding, and practice, that makes these skills more effective.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for 1:1 relationship coaching.

I have a host of books, Relationship Rehab Show episodes, and courses to help you find the solutions you’re looking for, whether you desire to grow in your own skills, bond with a partner or heal family or stepfamily dynamics.

Is Marriage a DIY Project?

Independence is a Worthy Goal “Do it myself!” is a familiar cry to the parents of any toddler.  It’s the demand of a healthy child who is eager to learn.  Gradually gaining independence is the goal that healthy parents want for their child.Independence is...

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Kindness? or Supporting Irresponsibility?

Learning where my responsibilities end and another person's begin has been a life-long curriculum for me.  The learning began in my late-twenties  when I hired a carpenter to build some cabinets in my sewing room.  The first few days he was...

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Deep Listening Creates Emotional Connection

I once had a neighbor who came from across the street and said, “I’m curious…  I see couples pull up in front of your house fighting and crying and a few hours later they get in the car and spend a few minutes hugging and kissing before leaving.  What do you...

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We Live by Our Priorities

...Consciously or Unconsciously Every decision we make is made according to our priorities whether they be conscious or unconscious.    When I brush  my teeth, it’s to honor my priority of using my own teeth for the rest of my life.  When I...

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What Clients Are Saying

“Nancy has wonderful insight when it comes to turning a wounded relationship into a healed one. She gave us all the tools, guidance and direction we needed to take our almost completely broken marriage and step family and restructure it into the loving relationship and family we dreamed of. We did not think it was possible, Nancy was our last hope. We both learned that sometimes the way to make a relationship and family flourish isn’t always what our parents showed us growing up. What Nancy shared with us not only transformed our thinking but showed our kids what a respectful loving marriage looks like. We committed to the process, made adjustments, had patience and then witnessed a miracle.”

We both really liked the skills the Millionaire Marriage Club had to offer. We chose to do the self coaching option. With our busy schedules it worked for us. The skills we have learned with the Millionaire Marriage Club have already made a difference in our relationship. It has improved our communication skills with each other significantly in just four months.

My partner and I began the Millionaire Marriage Club and within the first week saw significant results. He and I put in the work to learn to communicate better and that changed our relationship for the better almost instantly.

I help individuals, couples and families achieve the love and respect that enables them to thrive.

Hi, I’m Nancy Landrum, MA in Spiritual Psychology; Author; Relationship Coach and Creator of Millionaire Marriage Club.

My personal experiences in my life have been the birthplace for everything I do. I’ve walked in your shoes and deeply desired the love, respect, and safety of a fulfilling relationship.

I have done the personal and relationship work I teach. Healing from past traumas, learning to set appropriate boundaries and making the behavior changes that helped to heal my marriage are all well known to me, so I can help you navigate these changes to find joy, love, and commitment.

Today, I share these skills so you could have this same level of support and guidance each and every day moving forward.

Education & Experience

With my husband Jim’s encouragement, at the age of fifty, I returned to school to earn a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing.

The education only broadened my already strong base in understanding personal and relationship healing. Without being religious, I bring a strong spiritual presence into the work I do with individuals, couples, and families.

Although I highly value my experience earning my MA, my greatest achievements were earned in “the school of hard knocks.” My wisdom comes from personal struggles and victories, not just intellectual understanding of concepts.

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