Transform Your Relationships With Others And With Yourself In Deep, Meaningful And Sustainable Ways


Seeking Help Is Courageous

We learn every skill by either having it modeled for us or by taking a class to learn. If you haven’t had healthy relationships modeled for you growing up, how could you expect to know how to do it? Sadly, there are vastly few examples of healthy relationships in our culture.

Together, we will work to take the shame out of what you may consider “failure” because it’s not your fault.

I can teach you how to have satisfying, lasting relationships.


An intimate relationship needs to communicate feelings, conflicts, desires.

Honest communication has to take place regularly or it feels business-like and disappointing rather than emotionally close.

I have done the personal and relationship work I teach. Healing from past traumas, learning to set appropriate boundaries and making the behavior changes that helped to heal my marriage and relationship with our step-family are all well known to me. I know how to help you navigate this process.

What Clients Are Saying

“Not only did Nancy and Millionaire Marriage Club help my partner and I stay together and love each other more than ever, but Nancy and the program also helped me to work on myself. The communication skills I had learned were also very useful with my stepchildren. Nancy helped us heal and I can not thank her enough for that. She is what I would compare to a miracle worker because I did not think any of this could be fixed, but with efforts from myself, my partner, and my family we were able to work on it and be happy again!”

“Nancy is phenomenal at bringing people closer. She was able to get to the root of our issues very quickly, and helped us to heal them using not only her decades of knowledge and experience working with couples but also via her Millionaire Marriage program. Nancy herself is kind, compassionate and easy to open up to. Thanks to her, our marriage is stronger than it’s ever been. We have an energy of love and respect that’s there all the time, and we are so excited about making our dreams for our family become a reality.”

“Nancy helped me through a lot of my own trauma using inner child work. I knew I had quite a bit of baggage from my last few relationships and Nancy helped me to navigate through it, which helped me to deal with my baggage in a much healthier way than before. With Nancy’s guidance through the inner child work, I can say I am coming out of this stronger and mentally healthier than ever before. If I hadn’t gone to Nancy I would have been stuck in the same rut my whole life. I am so grateful for her and her work.”

Nancy Landrum, MA in Spiritual Psychology; Author; Relationship Coach and Creator of Millionaire Marriage Club

All of my work is birthed out of my personal experience, so I’ll never ask you to do something I myself haven’t done. But it isn’t just my personal knowledge alone. Everything I share, from the books I’ve written to courses I’ve created, have been motivated by my personal experience but also anchored in a foundation of research that validates the principles.

Learn More About Your Communication Style And What You Need To Repair Most In Your Relationship By Answering Three Simple Questions

Discover how you can have the satisfying relationship you’ve always wanted. Plus, unlock free 10-day access to the first module of my signature relationship course, Millionaire Marriage Club, and extra tips from me so you can start rebuilding the marriage you hoped for when you said, “I do”!

Learn More About Working With Nancy

Whether you desire to achieve personal growth and healing or see improvements in your marriage, let me be your guide.

The coaching relationship is co-creative. Your desire and commitment is paired with my wisdom and experience so you can feel the freedom of happiness as you recommit to new, respectful daily habits.

Learn the skills needed to mend and transform your relationships with your partner, your children or your stepfamily.

Millionaire Marriage Club and Millionaire Marriage Club Stepping TwoGether provide simple, actionable and impactful communication and conflict management strategies with resources specifically designed to repair and strengthen your family relationships.

I’m on a mission to create more loving marriages and families. Will you join me?

First, feel the personal and relationship transformations yourself. Then, use my resources to guide others. When you book an appointment with me, I’ll send you an application. Then we’ll get acquainted and see if becoming certified works for both of us.

Experience Healing, Hope And Transformation

Whether you desire to achieve personal work or see improvements in your marriage and family dynamics, I can be your guide. The first appointment is complimentary, giving you a chance to see if my expertise will support your goals, and to outline options that best fit the transformation you desire.