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Couple Coaching

You said "I do" to loving this person for life... but you didn’t know you were saying "I do" to fights, hurt feelings, frustrated attempts at communication, and recurring conflicts that drain the life out of your marriage. I can help. I will teach you how to have and keep the emotional safety with each other that you crave.

I've been coaching couples for twenty-five years. My late husband and I learned some simple, yet powerful skills that enabled us to resolve a fight we'd been having for six years. It is now my passion to help you achieve the happy, loving, peaceful marriage of which you dreamed on the day you said, "I do."

I've helped couples around the world achieve their dreams with online coaching. I also coach couples locally in the Inland Empire area of Riverside County California.

Your initial consultation is free of charge. After our first appointment, we will both decide if ongoing coaching is the next step for you. Then we map out a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I'll send you a link to my calendar where you can book an appointment at your convenience for a brief introductory call from me. It's best if both of you are available for this call. However, if your partner is unwilling to participate in coaching, we'll discuss what can be effective when only one partner makes transformative changes!

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Life After Coaching for Ken and Kim:
At one time Kim’s frustrations about their marriage ran so high she couldn’t imagine staying with Ken for the rest of their lives. After learning some effective communication skills in MMC and coaching, her needs to be heard were being met. She was then able to promise him a minimum of one more year. Sometime later, because Ken continued to care about what she had to say and to Listen to Understand, she upped the amount to five years! Recently on a long driving trip, Ken was getting tired of her commentary on his driving but he didn’t say anything. She finally asked, “Is anything wrong?” He admitted, “Yes, but I’m afraid to say anything because you might leave.” She responded, “I’m not going anywhere!” Ahhhh… the magic of the Skills continuing to work!

Three Options:

1. In person coaching in Murrieta, CA
2. Online coaching using My long distance clients report that this method is remarkably personal and effective.
3. Nineteen half hour lessons with assignments in the self-paced Millionaire Marriage Club

See what works best for you.

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