Guides for building
a happy, lasting marriage

How to Stay Married and Love It!

The Landrums combine the story of their journey to marital bliss with clear instructions about how to speak so your partner can hear you, listen with empathy, maintain a commitment to mutual respect, solve problems and gladly stay married! Paperback, Kindle and Audio.

Stepping TwoGether: Building a Strong Stepfamily

Building a Strong Stepfamily shares research validated skills and strategies that make succeeding as a loving stepfamily easier. Stories shared by several step-couples. Paperback, Kindle and Audio.

How to Stay Married and Love It… Even More!

How to EVEN MORE, Adds essential components such as priorities, expressing appreciation, creating a joint vision for your relationship, balancing responsibilities, adopting supportive beliefs, and keeping romance alive fill in the missing pieces of the SoulMate puzzle. Paperback and Kindle.

Pungent Boundaries

Pungent Boundaries demonstrates how to reduce the resentment that poisons relationships by setting healthy boundaries. Woven through is the story of Nancy’s recovery from co-dependency with her drug addicted son. Paperback, Kindle and Audio.

Your Inner Child: a Path to Healing and Freedom

Your Inner Child: a Path to Healing and Freedom Shares Nancy’s personal journey of healing by using this powerful method of developing an inner parent to love and care for yourself. Paperback, Kindle and Audio.

The Love Potions for Healthy Relationships Series

The Love Potions for Healthy Relationships Series takes the skills the Landrums learned and taught to transform marriages and applies those skills to all relationships. Each available as paperback or e-book.

 The Series Bundle!

The Love Potions for Healthy Relationships Series applies the same communication and conflict management skills that work for couples into all other relationships. Examples from parent-child, friend-friend and employer-employee are given.

Season the Pot

Season the Pot uncovers the powerful role of unconscious beliefs in determining the relationships we attract and quality of the relationships we experience. Paperback and Kindle.

Communication Elixirs

Communication Elixirs defines how to replace common communication methods that always damage a relationship with simple skills that enable each person to be heard and understood. Paperback and Kindle.

Savory Safeguards

Savory Safeguards provides practical strategies for managing strong emotions as well as a powerful problem-solving process. Paperback and Kindle.

Marriage Skits for Laughter and Learning

Jim and Nancy used light-hearted skits in their classes to demonstrate a relationship without skills vs. a relationship that uses the skills taught in How to Stay Married & Love It! Amateur actors do a credible job of presenting skits that make learning painless!

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