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The Millionaire Marriage Club

Transform your relationship with powerful communication skills!

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Millionaire Marriage Club is the finest online relationship skills course available! It combines 19 half-hour video lessons with applicable chapters from Nancy’s book, How to Stay Married & Love It! and a fun game that keeps you accountable for putting these powerful skills into practice. Additional support comes from an online support with a private Facebook group where you can get questions answered and receive applause for your wins!

Topics include how to avoid misunderstandings, how to speak respectfully to each other, how to listen in a way that promotes connection and cooperation, how to talk about any topic without fighting, how to manage strong emotions so you don’t do or say things you regret, how to make sure your deepest beliefs are in alignment with a loving, lasting marriage, and how to problem solve in a way that meets both person’s core concerns!

This is the best investment you’ve ever made!

Investment: One payment of $1197 or Three payments of $417

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I/we are ready for the MMClub transformation now!

Disclaimer: This course is presented to you for informational purposes and is not a substitution for any professional advice. It is the Club Members’ sole responsibility to seek professional advice before taking any action on their part. There are some relationship issues that require more expert intervention than simply reading a book or taking a relationship skills class. Depending on the nature of the issue, it may be more appropriate to seek help from a licensed professional, such as a counselor or therapist. You can also dial 2-1-1 to inquire about services in your area, or visit If you are experiencing a serious issue (such as abuse or domestic violence) or other emergency, call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance.

Only need help in one area? Then a mini-course may be best for you!

Communication: A mini-course

Includes comprehensive instructions about how to listen with the intention of understanding your partner's point of view, speaking in ways that make it easier for your partner to hear your message, and combining those skills into a powerful Skilled Discussion. The Skilled Discussion is the engine that drives the powerful results experienced by Millionaire Marriage couples. A Skilled Discussion lays the groundwork for finding workable solutions to any issue. Communication: A Mini-Course will transform the way you communicate and deliver the results for which you long! Includes eleven half-hour video lessons plus seven chapters from How to Stay Married & Love It!

Investment: One payment of $597 or Three payments of $207

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Loving and Feeling Loved: A mini-course

An Introduction to the Millionaire Marriage Club plus a reminder of some simple skills that, when consistently practiced, make a huge difference in the daily quality of your interactions.

Investment: One payment of $197

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Maintaining Respect 24/7: A mini-course

Respect is the medium that nurtures love. Learning to manage strong emotions with respect is an essential skill for nurturing a loving, lasting marriage! This Module Six from the Millionaire Marriage Club teaches you how to maintain Respect 24/7. These simple skills helped Jim and I save our marriage. They will help you maintain the high level of respect that you, your partner, and others need from you. Includes four chapters from the How to Stay Married & Love It! book plus the entire mini-book called Savory Safeguards from the Love Potions for Healthy Relationships series.

Investment: One payment of $297

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