Is it Cold Out There?

You’re exhausted from running your coaching business alone!

Effective support for coaches online, nationwide

You have valuable education and life experience which you are sharing with others through coaching.

You are tired of operating as a lone ranger. You need support for yourself and your business. You’re wishing you had a better system to help individuals and couples with inner healing from trauma, boundary setting, communication and conflict management skills. And what about stepfamilies? You want accurate, research proven strategies to help step-couples!

Maybe you dreamed of a better life for yourself.

As you learned and grew, your dream morphed into helping others learn the skills that improved your life and relationships. My personal lessons have led me to thirty years of coaching experience, two online courses for couples and stepfamilies, eight books, and 52 T.V. episodes.

As a Millionaire Marriage Club Coach you receive:

  • Structures that give you clear directions for working with individuals and couples;
  • A system of accountability that rewards clients for doing their own work;
  • Confidence in your coaching because you model what you are encouraging others to embrace;
  • Training in how to set up and manage your coaching business;
  • Ongoing support in a community of coaches that share their wins and give empathy when things don’t go well, and only give advice if you ask for it!

If any of this sounds like manna from heaven to you, let’s talk! Stop navigating the coaching world alone. Click this link today to set up an appointment with me:

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