Getting Ready to Jump Ship?

Coaching may be the answer!

Coaching Support For Therapists Online, Nationwide

You worked hard to become a licensed therapist.

You believe in the need for therapy to help people achieve their maximum level of emotional health. You’ve been gratified by the wins you’ve witnessed.

But maybe you’ve also been discouraged by those individuals or couples that didn’t respond well to therapy.

Or you’re fed up with the paperwork demanded by insurance companies. Or, you’re tired of working maximum hours while hitting the ceiling of pay for those hours.

Maybe you just long for more time for the family…

or to nurture your own marriage. Or, are you just ready for a change? Want to take on a new challenge? Have you been looking at the volcano eruption in the field of coaching and ready to give it a try?

You want to experience the freedom to charge what you’re worth.

Take your experience and turn it into speaking gigs, teaching classes, doing online webinars, writing books, as well as seeing individuals and couples.

Stop dealing with insurance companies that dictate your fee.

Benefit from a body of work that has helped thousands of couples achieve the level of happiness that they expected when they fell in love.

  • Be embraced by a structure of personal growth,
  • Ready-made courses and
  • Client assignments,
  • Receive business training to build a coaching practice of your own with lots of support.
  • Infuse the structure with your own energy and experience.

If this describes you, let’s talk! Make the jump to coaching with your life vest on. Click this link to book a zoom appointment today to see if we’re a good fit.

I look forward to meeting you!