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Nancy; From Childhood to Relationship Coach

Respect is the Fertilizer for Love

Love in a Car Wash?

This is a rather long blog that won’t appeal to everyone.  But perhaps there are a few of you who are experiencing difficult circumstances that will be encouraged by vulnerable exposure of my lessons about being loved. I’ve been so fortunate.  I’ve been married to two...

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The Cost of a Committed Relationship

There are several categories of a committed relationship.  The first one I think of is 1) a marriage.  But there are others, like 2) a business partnership, and 3) the relationship of a parent and child. There are several categories of costs:  1) Staying in the...

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This is the one that triggers instant anger, simmering resentfulness, and eventually feelings of hopelessness about the quality of your relationship. On the surface each of you wants the issue resolved YOUR way...the BEST way!  Right? When I tell my couples that...

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Let’s Fight! We’ll have fun!

Who in the world ever suggests that?  Who would want that?  Fights are exhausting.  It takes time to recover your balance.  It feeds emotional separation.  It rarely results in a lasting solution.  Yet how often are you fighting with your beloved? Or, on the other...

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Are You or Someone You Know Considering Divorce?

For a few agonizing moments, that option was on the table for my late husband Jim and me.  It felt like a bottomless chasm had opened up in front of us…one that if we didn’t find a way over, would swallow us and our family whole. The fighting was endless.  The pain...

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Audio-Book Give-Away!

Could you relate to the last blog about my lead-footed driving?  Even driving the speed limit, there are always cars passing me up!  Is one of them yours? Here's a great fix for speeding tickets, higher insurance rates, excessive wear and tear on your car, and...

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