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How to Stay Married and Love It! Tools and Resources for Individuals, Couples, Marriage Educators and Counselors

Marriage Skits for Laughter and Learning

Marriage Skits for Laughter and Learning


Nancy Landrum

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Great marriages are no longer an accident! There is no secret. The mystery is solved! The answers are here. There are tools to use and skills to learn to create a great marriage for yourself, your students or your clients.

  • Marriage…Make a good marriage better or revive a love that’s dying
  • Stepfamilies…Navigate the challenges of a blended family
  • Addiction…Some lessons learned

Turning principles into skills is the challenge. These resources facilitate significant relationship improvements for individuals, couples and are effective for use with group events or in individual counseling.

Download Free. Worksheets for Communication Skills

Nancy Landrum
Author ~ Coach

What better person to help you find your way through a struggling marriage, a floundering stepfamily, a profound loss or a crisis of faith than someone who has walked a similar road?

Nancy Landrum does more than just talk the talk of healthy families and marriages. She faced the erosion of a marriage, was blindsided by the issues particular to step-families, navigated the pain and loss of being twice widowed, and learned some lessons that come with a child who is lost in a life of addiction. Nancy could have given in to despair.

She despaired, but did not give in. Instead she worked to heal her own relationships, experienced significant growth as a wife, mother and stepmother and has now turned this personal experience into a life passion to teach effective communication and conflict resolution skills to others who hunger for loving, functional relationships.

Winning Strategies for Great Relationships

Season the Pot

Season the Pot. Love Potions for Healthy Relationships. By Nancy Landrum, M.A.

How to Stay
Married and
Love It!

Marriage Skits for Laughter and Learning

Nancy Landrum

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