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Nancy Landrum, M.A.

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Nancy Landrum is the "how to" person for transformative relationship skills with a combination of experience, practical training and support. Her Millionaire Marriage Club is the best online marriage skill training available.

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Mike: Kathy would give what felt like excessive instructions to me about how to do the simplest task. It made me feel...
Mike and Kathy
When I first met James and Kim, she had one foot out the door, asking for divorce We worked together to improve their...
James and Kim
I have dreams of traveling, but my husband Earle is a home-body. We'd talked about this difference before, but when ...
Earle and Krystel
“We were dating and had just had our first fight. We were still upset when we went into class, and it just so happe...
Mark and Jeannie
Steve and I came to Nancy at a critical time in our relationship. We had been fighting so much and things just conti...
Steve & Jeanine
Rich and Katie have a history of being very volatile…reactive. They have worked hard to learn how to manage their ang...
Rich and Katie
Chris, “While many of us might benefit from years of psychoanalysis to become better relationship experts, few of us ...
Chris and Felicia
Nancy has wonderful insight when it comes to turning a wounded relationship into a healed one. She gave us all the to...
Gavin & Pamela
Jim: “We were married in August 1999. We had each been married three times before. The odds against our marriage last...
Jim and Sheri
Nancy has deep inner wisdom. This is especially obvious when it comes to helping couples create a relationship that ...
Sahaj Durnin
I especially appreciate Nancy's explanation of Perception Checking. What a simple, valuable communication tool. I s...
Melissa J, San Francisco
Carmen's husband was unwilling to be coached, so she came by herself for several months. This is her report more tha...
Wow. Very enlightening. I have a child that gets frustrated easily, and I get frustrated with his frustrations. After...